Gaji silk

Gaji or the Bandini saree traces its origin from Gujarat and Rajasthan. The word Bandhan refers to “tie”. The unique method of making a saree using tie and dye has marked the exceptional market for Bandini sarees. The high-quality silk fabric does not allow the colors to smudge. The intricate process of Bandini sarees takes almost three to four days, to finish.

With that sarees as a base, more embroideries, and golden embellishments are also added. Importantly, the choice of the fabric should be thick to accommodate the heavy thread work or the intricate beadwork on them. The radiance of silk, which is perfectly dyed with elegance is combined with the beautiful beadwork, gives the stunning piece of a Gaji Saree. It makes a perfect place for traditional wear and the most wanted dress of celebrities. It offers a wide range of selections, from a lightweight Gaji saree to heavy and embellished saree, making it one of an integral part of every woman’s wardrobe.

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