1. 9 Trendy Blouse designs

    9 Trendy Blouse designs


         While there is a magnificent craze surrounding sarees, the most ravishing Indian attire, it’s impeccable counterpart “blouse” holds a special mention too. This gives rise to the question of whether equal importance is given to both sarees as well as blouses. The answer to it though has evolved over the years. In this blog, let us introspect about different types of blouses, which are loved by women, and makes an impeccable Indian attire, which accentuates the beauty.



    The legend of the blouses goes a long way, wherein the 6th century, a three-piece attire comprising the Antriya, the lower garment; the Uttariya, a veil worn over the shoulder or the head. Stanapatta, a chest-band which is worn by women at those times. This was known as Poshak, meani

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  2. Stunning Peacock Design

    Introduction: Among all the motifs, the peacock motif stands a distinct position in Indian Legends. It is called Mayura in Hindi, and Mayil in Tamil and has occupied a significant position in terms of arts, crafts, and design. As a motif, It is widely loved and appreciated by all the people, and gives a pristine look to the fabric. The beauty of the peacock was so captivating, that kings and the noblemen wanted to have the same design, and pattern in their dress. The beautiful display of fully open feather dance is certainly a spectacular moment for anyone to watch. Thus what was only the part of royal wear and design has traveled a long way. This design has now occupied a prime position in the dresses, artefacts, and even curtains, which is loved by many people across the world.

    A part of the culture:

    Since time immemorial, the beautiful motif forms the part of

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  3. Three Beautiful Saree Motifs


    Motifs are the channels of communication to the world about the culture and tradition. Earlier, the caveman used his cave as his canvas to leave as a mark of his feelings to the generations to come. When things evolved, and he learned the art of making fabrics, he used the same technique to make some patterns on the dress. To look at a Motif, it is not only a design, but a symbol, or the piece of tradition. The art of embellishing a motif has been in practice since time immemorial.

    Thousand Butta:

    This is also called as Ayiram Butta, where the word Ayiram refers to a thousand, and Butta in Tamil refers to the small dot. The concept of placing a thousand

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  4. 5 Importance of Mango Motif


    Indian sarees have a significant place in the drapery across the world. The vibrant colors, the splendid array of materials, have taken the world by storm. Over the years, the growing demand for a  saree is also on the rise and is widely esteemed by people not only as occasion wear but also as every day and staple wear even now. It is significant to note that, many flamboyant motifs were on use right from the time immemorial, and one among them is the Mango, which is called Mangai in Tamil.

    The journey of the Mango Motif is quite interesting, where it was initially used in the silk sarees, and later in many beautiful sarees like Kandangi sarees, Ethnic wear, and designer sarees. Now, the design is widespread, and one of the most loved designs by people over the world. Let us introspect the importance of the Mango motif in detail:

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